Preparing your home for sale

You’ve decided to list your house for sale. Great! You start looking at your home with a more critical eye and begin to feel panicky. Was that dint in the wall always there? How long has the handle been missing from the kitchen pantry door? Should I repaint the feature wall in the living room? Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when you decide to sell, as well as distance yourself from the emotions involved. Below are some tips to follow when preparing your home for sale:


  • De-clutter and de-personalise
    Unfortunately, your treasured possessions and lovely family portraits make it challenging for some buyers to imagine themselves living in the home, and make it hard for them to see the potential of the home if it’s hidden behind all your special knickknacks. Organise bookshelves, keep benches and countertops clear and pack away any meaningful (but purposeless) items.
  • Make minor repairs
    It is always worth discussing with your agent the extent to which you need to refresh and repair your home. General repairs may include patching any holes in the walls, fixing leaky taps, repairing doors that don’t close properly and replacing any cracked windows. Consider painting your walls in a neutral colour and replacing tired or stained carpet.
  • Clean, clean and then clean some more
    Buyers are more likely to overlook tired décor and imagine themselves living in your home if the house is sparkling clean and beautifully presented. Take the time to clean your windows inside and out, remove all cobwebs, pressure clean any concrete, dust blinds and ceiling fans, clean all appliances, vacuum and mop the floors, steam clean the carpets if needed, bleach any discoloured grout, rearrange the closets and cupboards and wipe down all doors and handles to remove any grubby finger marks.
  • Acquire a green thumb
    Increase your street appeal and make a lasting first impression with neat, presentable gardens. Make sure the garden beds are weeded and think about spreading fresh chip bark, mow the lawns, lay lawn seed on any patchy areas of grass, trim overgrown bushes, remove any dead plants and replace with inexpensive leafy ones.
  • Stylise and stage
    Consider hiring a stylist to replace any outdated furniture and help buyers to see how they could potentially live in the different areas of your home. The right furniture can take a dull room and turn it into a fresh, contemporary space.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, make a list starting with the top priorities and work your way down. There may be things you have to leave due to time or financial constraints. Don’t hesitate to discuss these concerns with your agent and get their expert opinion on which tasks should take priority. Remember, any efforts you make to get your house ready for sale will only help to improve your sales result. It will all be worth it in the end!