5 Budget-Friendly Tips to Transform Your Home


1)      Ready, steady, PAINT

Yes, it seems obvious, however a newly painted home will always be worth the time and effort it takes. A fresh white to lighten a space or moody grey to create ambiance can breathe new life into a home that may be stuck in a bygone era. Take the time to prepare the walls, invest in quality brushes and rollers and make sure you purchase the right type of paint (oil or water based) for the trims.  

The right shade of grey can transform an ordinary bedroom into a warm and inviting retreat, like this beautiful family residence in Bayswater North


2)      Give your windows some love

Replacing broken, stained and tired-looking blinds or curtains with inexpensive window treatments can create a cohesive look that will instantly add appeal. Stores like Spotlight, Kmart and Bunnings have a variety of ready-to-hang curtains and blinds that won’t break the bank. Bonus Tip: Lifting the curtain rod height can help disguise low ceilings.


3)      Get new hardware

Updated door/cupboard/draw handles and tapware can help make a home feel more modern. It is something that can transform a kitchen or bathroom with minimal effort. If you’re not a plumber, make sure you seek advice before ripping out the old kitchen tap however!


4)      Storage is king

Built-in storage is highly sought-after by buyers and for good reason – rather than a house littered with belongings, they have a place to live until you need to use them. By installing storage throughout the home, you can put away your things and enjoy a clutter-free environment.


5)      Let there be light

Florescent lights, old frosted glass battens and dated chandeliers aren’t doing your home any favours. Replacing them with contemporary light fittings can give a room an instant face lift, whilst strategically placed pendant lighting can help to define different zones within in the home. Reach out to your local lighting store if you get stuck or need advice.